Financial wellbeing is a vital aspect of your employees' health and happiness, which affects your bottom line. Money101 are financial wellbeing experts, here to help you and your staff.

What is financial

Financial Wellbeing means people in your organisation feel financially secure, have the ability to meet their expenses and are in control of their finances. If any of these aspects are lacking, it can have a negative impact on your team’s mental health.

Studies show that more than 50% of Australians feel financially stressed, while 85% say it negatively impacts their wellbeing1. This has a huge knock-on effect for businesses.

Financial Wellbeing:

The Optimal Employee Benefit

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60% of organisations that have implemented a financial wellbeing program have seen the benefits within six months2.

When employees are less stressed about their bills and more confident with finances, they are empowered to be more engaged and productive.

Organisations offering financial wellbeing programs saw a direct impact on employee retention, wellbeing and productivity. Reduce absenteeism and mental health issues within your organisation and ensure a happier, more focused workplace.

There is very strong evidence that financial education works. A meta-analysis of 126 evaluation studies found that financial education significantly impacts financial behavior3. This in turn improves employee mental health and positions you as an employer of choice.

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"Implementing Money101 was a seamless process. It provided our employees and their families a financial support tool which perfectly complemented our other health and wellbeing initiatives."

Pete Johnston

Manager of People & Culture Services, Stanwell Corporation

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Money 101 is a proven and trusted provider of financial wellbeing programs across thousands of Australian businesses.

Our online financial wellbeing program covers seven key life stages across 110 modules, plus a treasure trove of current and relevant articles for engaged learning.


We deliver flexible online learning, available whenever and wherever you and your staff need it.

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We provide jargon-free online financial education that is not trying to sell you anything and has no hidden agenda.

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We are a trusted organisation that has worked with government and industry super since 2004.


We know how sensitive financial issues can be and provide private and confidential access to all our courses.

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Provide your employees with the skills they need to effectively manage their finances. We can help you support your staff and increase productivity.