Employee financial wellbeing challenges for HR

83% of HR professionals report poor employee financial wellbeing has a negative impact on work performance[i].

We know life throws up challenges. Some anticipated, some not. The washing machine that breaks. An excessive car repair bill. Or an unexpected global pandemic.

Often our team members are already financially stretched and challenges like these are the last straw.

It is gut-wrenching when employees approach you for an advance on their pay. Especially if you have to turn them down.

Asking for a pay advance can be incredibly embarrassing. And for every one who asks, there are many more financially suffering in silence. In fact, almost 40% of employees admitted to spending two or more hours at work each week worrying about money.

Imagine if there was a solution.

Not just a short-term band-aid. A real, long-term solution.

Something which meant you could be confident that employees wouldn’t need to ask for a pay advance again? Not just because they are too worried or embarrassed to ask. But because they are no longer surviving pay to pay.

Instead they have increased their financial literacy and built their money management confidence. No longer needing an advance because they have built up a buffer. Now with the resources and resilience to better navigate life’s unexpected hiccups.

And they have YOU to thank for it.

Improving employee financial wellbeing.

We believe everyone should be empowered to make better financial decisions.

Developed by digital financial educators, trusted by government and Industry Super funds since 2004. Financial Wellbeing by Money101 is a broad and continuous online program, covering 110 topics. It is designed to enhance knowledge across a broad range of financial topics, and instil money management confidence. A program that is online, jargon-free, product-free, and accessible, whenever and wherever it is most convenient.

Help your team stress less about money.

Together, let’s empower your team to take the necessary steps towards improving their financial wellbeing.

Aimed at reducing financial stress, and increasing confidence in money management. Helping to build a better financial future; for your team, and your organisation.


[i] 2019 Society of Human Resource Management survey

Since 2004

Money101 has delivered product-free, jargon-free online financial education.

Our Financial Wellbeing program designed to empower Australians to make better financial decisions, is a workplace solution delivered online, anytime.

Support your employees'
financial wellbeing

Provide your employees with the skills they need to effectively manage their finances. We can help you support your staff and increase productivity.
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